By FWx Editors
Updated September 14, 2016

If it’s mid-September it must be TV time. This nebulous time between summer and fall generally marks the return of all of your favorite shows to network and cable. So now that you’ve finally caught up on Stranger Things you can move on to the return of Empire, American Horror Story and the 97 new shows about time travel debuting shortly. And let’s be real, there is too much television to possibly watch. As almost every TV critic has simultaneously praised and lamented, the rise of original programming on outlets like Netflix and Hulu, along with the continued excellent work put out by cable channels like AMC and FX means that come fall we all must choose whether we would rather see all the good stuff or maintain a normal work and sleep schedule. All of us could use a little help figuring out where to spend our viewing hours and People and Entertainment Weekly want to help. Their new show Bingeworthy, hosted by EW’s Jessica Shaw and Touré, will tell you what to keep and what to delete from your DVRs. If struggling between making time for Atlanta or Son of Zorn, they’ve got the answer for you. And they’ll almost certainly turn you on to a few shows you haven’t heard about yet (if you aren’t watching Tig Notaro’s One Mississippi, you should be).

Full episodes (and we mean full—this is a complete 20 minute show, not some quick-hit YouTube thing) are available to stream for free at PEN—the People/Entertainment Weekly Network—now.