Dinner is coming.

By Jillian Kramer
Updated July 13, 2017
Credit: Courtesy of Helen Sloan / HBO

Watch any season of Game of Thrones and you're sure to get hungry. (They do feast on some pretty delicious-looking cuts of meat while drinking copious amounts of red wine.) So in preparation for Sunday's premier of Game of Thrones, season seven, on HBO, we've rounded up five more recipes that will amp up your appetite for more than—fans can only hope—Cersei's bloody and brutal on-air demise.

Winterfell's Honey Chicken

This recipe from Gourmentum is blessedly easy, with just seven ingredients—if you include the salt and pepper used to prepare the chicken for the oven. But when done, the chicken looks fit for a royal feast —or, you know, the eight other friends you invited to watch the premier, which kicks off at 9 p.m. EST, with you at home.

Beef and Bacon Pie

Thanks to the "Hangry District Kitchen in Westoros," we have a recipe for beef and bacon pie. Their recipe comes straight from the cookbook A Feast of Ice & Fire, so you know it has to be good—plus, duh, it has bacon, so it simply can't be bad. Enjoy the hosts' traditional garb as you bake it—but we know you'll be picturing Jon Snow.

Dragon Eggs Rice Krispies Treats

We're all rooting for Daenerys (right?!), so why not celebrate her inevitable victory with these Dragon Eggs Rice Krispie treats from The Millennial Kitchen. And bonus: not only will you be honoring the mother of dragons, but you'll be working in potato chips to an otherwise fancy feast.

Drogon's Breath Cocktail

Your GoT meal won't be complete without the perfect cocktail. This Drogon's Breath cocktail—with lemon and orange juice and a healthy dose of rum—will more than quench your thirst and complement your roasted chicken. Just be safe on your return from the Wall. (A key ingredient, after all, is shaved ice from its borders.)

Ice & Fire Cupcakes

Now, it's time for dessert. How about Ice & Fire Cupcakes? Rosanna Pansino of Nerdy Nummies makes them color-coded—blue, for ice, and red, for fire, just in case your guests indulged too heavily in your Dragon's Breath cocktails. And with opposing flavors—minty and spicy—they're sure to be a crowd pleaser, no matter your GoT fans' personal food tastes.