Caddyshack Sports Bar & Grille has opened inside Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, IL. 


In the summer of last year, it was announced that Bill Murray and his brothers would be opening their second restaurant property, Caddyshack Sports Bar & Grille, inside Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, IL. As of Tuesday, April 17, the public can officially experience it for themselves. (The original Caddyshack Grille, named after Murray's 1980 comedy, opened 15 years ago, in St. Augustine, FL.)

Here's everything we know about the new restaurant.

The space is all about "casual fun," according to Murray

In a press conference for the opening, Andy Murray said that the restaurant was meant to be like an "extension of our living room," according to the Chicago Tribune. Indeed, the 8,600-square-foot space is decorated with family photos and posters from movies in which Murray starred. Bill and brothers Andy, Ed, Brian-Doyle, Joel, Johnny are behind the project.

Bill Murray added, "The fact that it is called 'Caddyshack' means it has something to do with golf. That feeling of casual fun, I think is what it is." Another thing that has to do with golf: the Crispy Potato Golf Balls on the menu, which are fried mashed potato orbs topped with cheddar and bacon.

You can feel the love for Chicago sports

At the Tuesday press conference, the actor went on a bit of a tangent about his loyalty to Chicago: "Your heart is there. You have Cub blood, and Bear blood, and Blackhawk blood beating through your body all the time. … When the Cubs won, no one was talking about the defense or the relief pitchers, they were talking about their uncle or their dad or the first time they went to the ballpark. The family connection of the whole thing ... My sister still lives in the house we grew up in, so we get to crash there whenever we want. So you can't throw us out."

According to the website, sports will loom large at the restaurant.

"Patrons can also hang out at the island bar – a high energy focal point of the restaurant," the site reads. "LCD flat screens featuring all the latest sporting events can be seen from every seat, providing a solution to Rosemont’s missing sports bar experience.

The bacon has "wow factor"

The actor also expressed his love for the prime rib. The Caddyshack menu doesn't seem to stick to a theme, with dishes like buffalo Brussels sprouts, Caribbean jerk pork sandwich, and then some standard sports bar fare like burgers and wings.

There is a retail component

An area called The Shed features "authentic Murray Bros. Caddyshack products."