Your Big Mac has never been so classy. Thanks to Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Terada of NoVe in Miami, the McDonald's artery clogger becomes a gorgeous sushi roll anyone would feel lucky to eat. With the right combination of avocado, tomato, spicy mayo, and some serious plating skills, Terada turns the burger from a greasy mess to fine dining.

Want to try it yourself? Separate the Big Mac into its patty, toppings, and buns. Slice the buns thin with a sharp knife and lay them out in a square on a sushi mat. Cut the patty into strips and lay it across the buns. Surround the strips with thin lines of the Big Mac's original toppings. Once the Big Mac's original pieces are all laid out, top them with thin slices of avocado and fresh tomato. Then top it all off it with the French fries that came with the burger.

Once you have all the ingredients laid out, use the mat to roll everything tight in the buns, roll the product in Saran wrap to hold the shape, and slice out your sushi pieces. To finish the job, squeeze on some spicy mayonnaise and barbecue sauce and throw on a garnish of microgreens. And there it is: from fast food to delicacy in less than fifteen minutes.

For more unexpected sushi creations, follow Chef Hiroyuki on YouTube and follow his restaurant, NoVe Kitchen and Bar, on Instagram.