The sparkling summer anthem you didn't know you needed. 

lacroix sparkling water
Credit: The Washington Post / Getty Images

LaCroix is the fizzy drink millennials love. The seltzer has been called “faddish,” which seems a bit shortsighted – it’s now so popular that it’s now officially got its very own anthem.

The song is called “LaCroix Boi,” and sensual crooner Big Dipper sings it. As Eater rightfully points out, this 90s-style slow jam hits you straight in your LaCroix-loving heart, promising a romantic evening of popping cans of seltzer with your lover.

As Big Dipper dances seductively against a backdrop of strobing neon colors, he celebrates the range of flavors – from coconut to mango to lemon lime – indulges in a pajama-themed dance party, sports a crop top, showers his dance party partners in spray of seltzer, and sits on a throne made of LaCroix cans.

Hopefully this becomes to the drink jam of the summer. It’s a hilarious parody of both slow jams and LaCroix's popularity, while somehow also being a completely serious ode to the fizzy drink – and it actually sounds good. (Whether Big Dipper is a genuinely talented singer or not, we'll leave up to you.) So if you’re unreasonably obsessed with LaCroix and you love a good R&B tune, this is most definitely the song for you.

By the way, this is not the first time a musician has paid tribute to LaCroix in a song. Last year, Rakeem released his own track called “Sippin’ on LaCroix.” People really love singing about their seltzer, apparently.

Now La Croix joins the hallowed of ranks of beverages that have been honored in song, including Hennessey, Dom Pérignon, and Patron.

Once you’re done jamming out to the tune, you can stock up cases of LaCroix with ease: A new deal with Hudson News Distributors has ensured that the seltzer will be available at Walmart, Target, Kroger and even Whole Foods.

Just get ready to be chanting "and dat pamplemousse" as you stroll the beverage aisle.