These are the first paparazzi photos taken of the singer in 2018.
beyonce bar in brooklyn
Credit: Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

Tabloids like to pretend that celebrities are just like us. They pump their gas, they go to the grocery store, they work out at the gym. But if there is one celebrity that we know is nothing like us regular people it is Beyoncé. She reigns over us—her loyal subjects—like a benevolent goddess, blessing us from time to time with an immaculately styled photograph of herself in a flowing gown and a high ponytail, just to remind that she’s still here and that we should be grateful for her presence. Sometimes, if we’re really good, we get new music. Even more rare is the opportunity for the public to see Beyoncé caught off guard—not styled, dripping in gold jewelry, or popping one of her ferocious poses for the camera.

It’s been almost a month since she posted a new photo to her Instagram account (leading her fans to believe she’s busy working on a new album) but she was recently spotted out in the wild—which is to say, some lucky paparazzi caught her doing errands after SoulCycle. I certainly don’t condone the slightly creepy way in which tabloid photographers stalk celebrities just trying to live their lives in peace, but come on, who among us didn’t need a Beyoncé fix to get us through the first month of the year? It's hard to not take the fact these photos were even captured as a good omen for the rest of the year.

In the photographs, Our Lady of the Surfbort can be seen in her workout clothes, wearing a pair of fashionable sunglasses, black and white Nike high top sneakers (with the laces untied, which seems completely unacceptable given that she’s surrounded by attentive security guards—shouldn’t one of them warn her that she’s one misplaced foot away from a devastating face plant?), holding her phone in one hand and a Tupperware container of what look like chocolate cupcakes topped with vanilla frosting in the other.

Apparently, she made the cupcake run after a SoulCycle class, and as ethereal and angelic as Beyoncé is, this is actually kind of a relatable move. She worked out and now she wants a treat. Okay, maybe the cupcakes are for her daughter, Blue Ivy, but there’s still a chance she snuck one from the box while driving home in her armor-plated SUV.

Beyoncé might not be of this earth—more likely some separate dimension populated by Unicorns—but she sure does understand us humans. We crave cupcakes and so does Beyoncé. You know what else we crave? A new album.