Queen Bey's legal team has axed a beer tribute and a female pop star-themed pop-up bar.


Over the years, Beyoncé has earned a reputation as being an incredibly hard worker. But the past couple weeks, her legal team has been the ones kicking it into overdrive. Last week, the beloved singer felt like she was getting a bit too much love from Lineup Brewing, a Brooklyn-based beer company that attempted to release a tribute brew called “Bïeryoncé.” (Give them credit for the name, at least.) Beyond putting the kibosh on that product, Bey’s lawyers also set their sights on another Brooklyn establishment, the lovely Latin-themed cocktail bar Leyenda which has been holding a month-long pop-up event intended to pay homage to female empowerment. Thanks to a cease-and-desist letter sent a few weeks back, the Beyoncé component of that event has been dialed down a touch.

“It appears that you are a dedicated fan of Mrs. Carter, and for that support, Mrs. Carter thanks you,” the letter, dated November 15 and published by Eater, reads. “There is a line, however, between fandom and infringement of intellectual property rights, and we are concerned that this pop-up bar will cross that line.” As a result, the legal team requested that Sleyenda refrain from using Beyoncé’s name in advertising and refrain from using Beyoncé’s mark, lyrics and artwork at all.

Leyenda co-owner Ivy Mix told Eater that she was “a little bummed [Beyoncé] didn’t share the enthusiasm,” but that Sleyenda would forge ahead until December 27 with a touch less fierceness. Beyoncé ornaments are still featured on the Christmas tree, and as Leyenda has stressed, the entire event was never meant to be just about Mrs. Carter in the first place. The pop-up also honors other female vocalists like Gwen Stefani and Katy Perry.

Of course, for members of the Beyhive, drinking a Beyoncé tribute beer in a Beyoncé tribute pop-up bar would probably be a dream come true. (For the record, Leyenda never said it planned to stock Bïeryoncé, but you get the drift.) However, a good hive also listens to its queen, so if Beyoncé ever does choose to allow herself to be honored in beer or bar form—legally—well, then you’ll just appreciate it more.