This week's essential reading includes climate change's impact on wine, a voodoo soup to keep you healthy all winter and good news about seedheads working to improve organic produce.

By Pamela Kaufman
Updated May 23, 2017
Napa Wineries: Black Stallion
Credit: Photo courtesy of Black Stallion Estate

You could spend the weekend searching the web for fascinating articles about food and wine. Or you could spend two minutes clicking through the links here.

Will climate change wipe out vast swaths of the world's wine regions? BuzzFeed considers the question (and provides alarming GIFs of grapes shrivelling into raisins under an apocalyptic sun).

Whole Foods comes to Detroit in an effort to bring healthy choices to a "food desert." Slate considers the issues of ethos, price, elitism, racism and obesity.

If you believe that food can "vanquish the demon illness" when you're sick, check out this week's New York Times Magazine story (and garlicky, spicy "health soup" recipe) by Tamar Adler.

While cooking for monks at a retreat north of San Francisco, chef-turned-writer John Birdsall faces down rotting strawberries and bruised and blackened lettuces and asks one of the brothers, "How do you guys not get sick?" From Vanity Fair excerpting a piece in the holiday issue of Lucky Peach.

If we want better organic produce, we need better organic seeds. TakePart looks at the efforts of "seedheads" to develop new varieties for flavor as well as functionality and yield. (Courtesy Civil Eats).