After testing 76 countertop appliances, we pick our favorites in nine categories, from blenders to espresso makers.

The Winner

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth ($90)
Easy to assemble. Because the “big mouth” fits large chunks of fruit, only a little prechopping is necessary. The pulp catcher is huge, so you don’t have to empty it often. Includes a useful brush for cleaning.


Omega 4000 Pulp Ejector ($220)
Traditional, old-school juicer. Straightforward to use, but with a narrow chute for inserting produce. Juices fruit so completely that there’s no pulp left on the blade. Comes with a 15-year warranty (

Honorable Mentions

Breville Juice Fountain Plus ($150)
The machine has a large chute but performs better with smaller chunks. Has two speeds—one for soft fruit and the other for hard vegetables.

Juiceman Pro ($160)
A fast, space-age-style machine that extracts most efficiently of all the models tested while perfectly straining the pulp. It can be tricky to assemble, though: The parts must fit together exactly, or safety latches prevent it from turning on (