By Noah Kaufman
Updated February 06, 2015
Courtesy of Ryan Levasseur

Chicago has its Italian beef, LA has the French Dip, even Pittsburgh has this French fry-topped monster, but Boston lacks a signature sandwich of its own. That’s the thesis of the new Boston Magazine sandwich guide by editor Leah Mennies. Not to loose cred as a regional booster, she also makes a strong case that the lack of specialization leads to some damn good sandwich diversity. Here's one of the best examples: The Roast Beef 1000 from the Brookline’s sandwich capitol Cutty’s. This is how it's made.

The Bread: A soft brioche roll that is just the right balance of sweet and spicy thanks to a kick from some black pepper from Iggy’s Bread of the World down the road in Cambridge.

The Filling: A mountain of rare, angus beef, crispy shallots, a thick slice of sharp Cabot cheddar cheese and 1000 island dressing.

For the full guide to every Boston sandwich you should eat check out the rest of Mennies’ list over here.