Michelle Bernstein of Miami’s Michy’s and Sra. Martinez shares her restaurant picks.
Joe’s Stone Crab
Photo courtesy of Joe’s Stone Crab.

Joe’s Stone Crab

“It has some of the best fried chicken in Florida, but everybody goes for the stone crab.” 11 Washington Ave.; joesstonecrab.com; 305-673-4611.

Hy Vong

Photo © Liliana Dones.

Hy Vong

“A Vietnamese place in the middle of Calle Ocho, the Cuban area; I’ve been going there since I was little.” 3458 SW Eighth St.; hyvong.com; 305-446-3674.

La Camaronera Restaurant & Fish Marke
Photo courtesy of La Camaronera.

La Camaronera Restaurant & Fish Market

“Also in Calle Ocho, it’s a shack with no chairs, no tables. You stand at a counter and eat the best fried shrimp you’ve ever had.” 1952 W. Flagler St.; lacamaronera.com; 305-642-3322.

Japanese Market Miami

“My favorite Japanese market also has the best sushi in town.” 1412 79th St. Causeway; japanesemarketmiami.com; 305-861-0143.