'Tis the season for eating crabs with soft exoskeletons. 

Where to buy soft-shell crab online
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We could not be more relieved to report that it is finally soft-shell crab season. If you don't live in Maryland or by a coast, but you do have a computer, you're in luck: It's now super easy to buy high-quality seafood via the World Wide Web.

Below, find some reliable places to buy soft-shell crabs online, so you can get started making sandwiches, stir-fries, platters, and pastas with the crispy sea delicacy. (Here's a simple primer on how to prepare them; it's way less intimidating than it seems.)

Whether you're looking to bread and fry your own, or purchase a more finished product, the following options will cover your bases.


Find blue soft-shell crab from the Chesapeake at this online dock-to-door company. (The product ships directly from where the crabs are harvested to your home.) The site is updated daily with what's fresh—so you won't find soft-shell available here throughout the year.

Linton's Seafood

Buy as few as a half dozen or as much as two dozen at this online Maryland-based seafood purveyor. (You can even throw pre-made batter into your cart.)

How to Cook Soft Shell Crabs: Prepare Sandwich
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On Amazon:

Handy Seafood Raw Domestic Soft Shell Crab - Frozen

Handy Corn Flour Dusted Soft Shell Crabs - Frozen

Whether you're frying or sautéeing, make sure to clean the crabs properly before prepping them. If you have the time, it's worth buying soft-shell crabs live, when possible, at your local seafood market. That way you can hand-choose crabs with soft, moist shells, and you can have the fishmonger clean the crabs.

If you're feeling too lazy to cook them yourself, which you absolutely should, perhaps you can work up the energy to ship yourself to Maryland and eat them at these 13 places.