By Carey Jones
Updated July 23, 2015
Credit: © Naco Taco / Robert Preciado

Okay, for most of us, there's not that much competition for the best pig's head sandwich ever. But pork-lovers should sit up and take note: The "Cabeza Ahogada" from Naco Taco in Cambridge is worth seeking out.

The recently opened Cambridge, MA taqueria features a number of tortas, but none quite so exciting as the cabeza version. You've heard of the Torta Ahogada—a torta "drowned" in spicy sauce? The Cabeza Ahogada does just that, but gets a bit more extreme with its pork by including bacon and pig's head. Let's take a look at how this thing breaks down.

The bread: Rather than a traditional talera bread, the chef uses the restaurant’s signature, baked-in-house talera—made with roasted corn, masa, and pickled corn for a wholly unique flavor.

The filling: The pig's head is slow-roasted for six hours, at which point the tender meat is taken off and formed into a patty and seared perfectly. Finally it’s topped with a host of accompaniments: Benton’s Bacon, house-made avocado & tomatillo crema with cilantro, cotija cheese, pickled onions and pureed black beans.

All that gets griddled together until the bread gets a great crust; it's halved and served in a skillet of spicy guajillo chile broth so good you can eat it with a spoon. (If you have any room after this beast of a sandwich, that is.)