From baby vegetables to one-table restaurants, the world is getting smaller.


New baby versions of vegetable standbys are both intensely flavorful and supercute.

One Ball

Milder-tasting than zucchini, this golden-colored, golf ball–size heirloom squash turns slightly sweet when cooked.

Patty Pan

This squat, tender, scallop-edged yellow squash, with the blossom still attached, is less than two inches in diameter.

Cue Ball

Chef David Walzog of SW Steakhouse in Las Vegas is a fan of this green, speckled squash’s unique nuttiness.

Cardamom Shoot

Chef Jennifer Jasinski of Rioja in Denver buys the cardamom plant’s slender, pink bamboolike shoots for their strong ginger and cinnamon flavor.

Petite Daikon

This dainty, one-and-a-half-inch, milky white radish is spicier than its mature counterpart and has a hint of sweetness.