These artists turn brunch into a masterpiece.

By Farrah Shaikh and Clara Olshansky
Updated June 30, 2017
saipancakes art
Credit: Courtesy of SaiPancakes

Making the perfect pancake is an art: you need good batter, a good flip, a good timing. But these creations take the art of pancake-ing to the next level, turning breakfast into gorgeous illustrations. They're so cool, that it's hard to imagine cutting into them to take a bite without feeling like you're actively making the world less awesome.


Saipancakes (pictured above, too) started off as a dad (Nathan Shields) trying to entertain his kids. A few years later, he’s making all kinds of pancake pictures and even portraits on demand. His sketch-like style definitely adds character to familiar faces like Yoda. (He even stopped by the Food & Wine office to do a demo, check it out!)

The Skull Pancake

TigerTomato's most recent creations, and one of the most impressive, is this realistic pancake-ified skull, and if you scroll through TigerTomato's videos, you'll find a lot of the best pancake creations out there.

Pretty Much Everything Made by Dancakes

Dancakes is another one of those pancake powerhouses behind a lot of the best pancake art on the web. He recently made this amazing Wonder Woman pancake.

The Pikachus

There's a lot of Pokémon pancake art out there, but we especially love this video of the pancake-ification of the Pikachu evolutions.

Leopard Pancake

Insanely detailed and ridiculously accurate, Kevin Blankenship art takes breakfast to the next level. Now, you may not have the skills or patience to recreate these at home but they are pretty impressive to watch.

Powdered Sugar Stencils

Pancake art doesn’t have to be centered around the pancake. You can get creative with the toppings like powdered sugar. Philinthecircle uses pre-cut stencils to easily decorate pancakes with detail faces and silhouettes.

Pretty Much Everything Made by PancakeBot

Yeah, there's a robot that literally prints pancake art. If all of this looks too complicated simply invest in a 3d printer that can expertly draw whatever you heart and stomach desires, like Edvard Munch’s The Scream. The prototype was originally built out of Legos, launched on Kickstarter and previewed at the San Francisco Maker Faire last year. Unfortunately, the makers are still trying to secure the safety certifications but soon you will be able buy your own for just $299.