As a young cook, Hugh Acheson bought one great bottle of wine (often French) with every paycheck. Today he owns Gosford Wine, Five & Ten and two other dining spots in Athens, Georgia.

Great Wines


Red Burgundy

Burgundy's reputation for producing ethereal, mineral-laden, slightly smoky Pinot Noir far exceeds the region's tiny size. Acheson loves the cherry-rich 2007 Joseph Roty Bourgogne Rouge. Or try the 2006 Bouchard Bourgogne Rouge.


The Loire valley's subregion of Sancerre produces a wine of the same name made from Sauvignon Blanc; its flavors evoke grapefruit, gooseberry and grass. Acheson favors the citrusy 2008 Vacheron. Another option: the 2009 Michel Girard et Fils.


Q&A with Hugh Acheson

How did you learn about wine?

When I was young and working at some very good old-school French places, I always talked to the sommelier. I started socking away money to buy wine, and the next thing I knew, I was buying one good bottle with every paycheck. Wine is like food; it's a never-ending topic.

How does knowing about wine help you as a chef?

I eventually realized that wine can be 30 percent of the tab at a restaurant. As a business owner, I figured I should know something about it.

How has your palate changed over the years?

When I first got into wine, I really liked Shiraz from Australia. I'm not saying that Shiraz isn't great, but it's a blanket over food, covering it all up. Back then, if I had tasted a Charmes Chambertin (a grand cru Burgundy), the wine's subtlety probably would have been lost on me. But now, I get why people go crazy over wines like that.

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