The winners of this year's Best New Pastry Chef awards, presented by Godiva, deconstruct some of the dazzling desserts that show off their skill and sensibilities.
Best New Pastry Chef 2013 Melanie Durant

Photo © Andrew Thomas Lee

Melanie Durant

Why She Won The majority of Durant's desserts start with a vegetable or herb. She builds from there, using old-fashioned techniques (no hydrocolloids) to achieve fantastic flavors and combinations.

Best New Pastry Chef 2013 Stephanie Prida

Photo © Eric Wolfinger

Stephanie Prida

Manresa, Los Gatos, CA

Why She Won Prida creates delicious, beautiful, complex desserts. Her classical training at The Elysian and Blackbird in Chicago makes her a technical whiz, while Manresa's location, near the central California coast, puts her in touch with some of the best raw ingredients in the world.

Best New Pastry Chef 2013 Bob Truitt

Photo © Nicole Franzen

Bob Truitt

Ai Fiori, New York City, and The Altamarea Group

Why He Won Using ideas learned in avant-garde restaurants, Truitt creates witty, magical plates like this take on "toad in the hole," which looks like a savory egg dish but is actually passion fruit cream with caramelized brioche.

Best New Pastry Chef 2013 Sarah Jordan

Photo © Eric Kleinberg Photography

Sarah Jordan

Boka and GT Fish & Oyster, Chicago

Why She Won Without any formal training, Jordan has created her own bold, risk-taking style. Her signature is using savory elements—flavoring caramel, for instance, with ingredients like miso, soy or beer.

Best New Pastry Chef 2013 Monica Glass

Photo © Michael Piazza

Monica Glass

Clio and Uni Sashimi Bar, Boston

Why She Won Pretty, dainty and feminine, Glass's French-inflected desserts are exquisitely balanced. Each plate contains several components that show just the right amount of restraint.