Best New Chefs and Their Simplest Recipes

Each year, F&W editors spend months finding cooks who are fantastically skilled, creative and driven. Here, our Best New Chefs of 2010, plus simple, spectacular recipes from each.


"Dumplings don't just fall out of the sky," says Roy Choi, one of this year's 10 Best New Chefs. His point: Making his favorite childhood dish is hard work. Similarly, Best New Chefs don't just miraculously appear: F&W editors spend months finding them. To locate cooks who are fantastically skilled, creative and driven—and who have run a kitchen for no longer than five years—we gather recommendations from food professionals nationwide, then eat anonymously at countless restaurants. And this year, we located exceptional chefs all over, from a remote corner of Virginia to the streets of Los Angeles, where Choi presides over a revolutionary Korean taco truck.

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Jason Stratton

© Nigel Parry.

1. Jason Stratton

Spinasse * Seattle

Zucchini Carpaccio with Salt-Broiled Shrimp

Alex Seidel

© Nigel Parry.

2. Alex Seidel

Fruition * Denver

Grilled Green Bean Salad with Lentil Vinaigrette

John Shields

© Nigel Parry.

3. John Shields

Town House * Chilhowie, Virginia

Salmon with Cantaloupe and Fried Shallots

Clayton Miller

© Nigel Parry.

4. Clayton Miller

Trummer' on Main * Clifton, Virginia

Hush Puppies with Green Zebra Tomato Jam

Jonathon Sawyer

© Nigel Parry.

5. Jonathon Sawyer

The Greenhouse Tavern * Cleveland

Foie Gras–Steamed Clams

Mike Sheerin

© Nigel Parry.

6. Mike Sheerin

Blackbird * Chicago

Twice-Glazed Asian Barbecued Chicken

Cucumber-Cherry Salad

Roy Choi

© Nigel Parry.

7. Roy Choi

Kogi Korean BBQ * Los Angeles

Midnight Tortas

James Syhabout

© Nigel Parry.

8. James Syhabout

Commis * Oakland, California

Green Tomatoes with Pistachio Relish

Missy Robbins

© Nigel Parry.

9. Missy Robbins

A Voce * New York City

Orecchiette with Marinated Eggplant, Burrata and Chiles

Matt Lightner

© Nigel Parry.

10. Matt Lightner

Castagna * Portland, Oregon

Grilled Squid and Torpedo Onions with Sorrel

More Great Recipes:

Apple Pie Granita
Kana Okada

2010 Best New Chefs' Inspirations

Spice Crispies
© Joseph de Leo

2010 Best New Chefs: Where They're Coming From

Smoked Salmon Crisps
Thomas Keller's salmon cornets (tuiles shaped into tiny cones and topped with crème fraîche and fresh salmon) are a famous kickoff to his luxe and whimsical meals. The original recipe appears in The French Laundry Cookbook. Shaping the tuiles into cones is tricky and involves working very quickly with a cornet mold. Instead, leave the tuiles flat, like crackers, and top them.

Recipes from Hall of Fame Best New Chefs

The Food & Wine Best New Chefs for 2010 share their stories, reactions and recipes.

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