Italian Easy: Recipes from the River Cafe London by Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers
The popular chefs' latest cookbook is user-friendly, from the short recipes (most with less than 10 ingredients) to the layout. Dishes like Clam and Pinot Grigio Risotto are delicious.

Boy Gets Grill by Bobby Flay
In the sequel to his Boy Meets Grill, the New York City celebrity chef expands his focus to global grilling. His Black Pepper-Crusted Steaks with Mint Chimichurri are a standout.

The Flavors of Southern Italy by Erica DeMane
There are plenty of southern Italian cookbooks; what makes DeMane's comprehensive volume special is recipes like Caponatina, her simple but inspired version of the classic Sicilian eggplant salad, which she spikes with pears.

At Mesa's Edge by Eugenia Bone
This combination of anecdotes and recipes tells the story of a frequent F&W contributor who spends summers at a Colorado ranch with her family, where she invents locally inspired recipes, like Chili with Semolina Skillet Bread.

The Great Book of Chocolate by David Lebovitz
This terrific slim paperback guide, from the former Chez Panisse pastry chef, helps readers make sense of the abundance of boutique chocolates. Look for recipes like Black-Bottom Cupcakes as well as sections on the best small producers.