Prepare for the new season by reliving the show's funniest Pinterest fails.  
nailed it on netflix
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Home cooks and bakers with serious skills in the kitchen can likely whip up a legendary layer cake or the kind of chocolate chip cookies that their relatives look forward to at family gatherings. These talents, of course, are nothing to scoff at, but they don’t reach the truly cosmic level of the professional bakers who can construct whole cakes to look like unicorns and castles. Think I’m wrong? Think you can actually create the type of over-the-top cake you see on Pinterest, with the perfectly molded fondant? Then you probably don’t know how hard it is. Nailed It! the Netflix baking competition, which will premiere its second season on June 29, aims to prove that this task is much more difficult than it looks—for the average person at least—and most of the time, the result are epic Pinterest fails.

What makes Nailed It! so good is that the show isn’t making fun of any of the competitors’ skills. On the contrary, viewers are more likely to relate to the struggling bakers, who never give up, even when their cakes start to look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. And guess what? Most of them, underneath all that melted, half-formed fondant, still tastes pretty good. So grab your oven mitts, and get ready for the show’s new season by revisiting some of best of the worst baking fails from the show with us.

Trump cake
Credit: Netflix

In this episode, the bakers try to recreate a cake in the shape of President Donald Trump. Unfortunately, Kymberli Talton's creation, with its the red-rimmed eyes and sunken cheeks, looked like a creature straight out of a horror movie.

In this clip, watch as a baker tries to replicate a classy light blue, three-tiered wedding cake. Does she nail that delicate color? Nope, her's looks more neon. What about those neat, elegant tiers? Not exactly, this one is more lopsided. The fondant flowers on the other hand? Surprisingly pretty.

Netflix shark

You might not be able to tell, but that hunk of gray cake is supposed to be a shark.

Pirate doughnut
Credit: Netflix

This doughnut was intended to look like an adorable purple pirate. Instead, this baker's version looks like the pirate stood a little too close to the beach bonfire.

An adorable princess cake, complete with a red dragon and a castle, should be fit for a kid's birthday party. Instead, this cake looks more like something said kid would concoct in a nightmare. The wide, staring eyes. The creepy grin. Strong effort, honestly, but it does make me shudder.

Emoji cake
Credit: Netflix

Actually, this one turned out pretty good.