The 20 Best Music Video Food Moments of 2017

Katy Perry makes the list twice alongside a re-imagining of The Last Supper, a Christmas dinner featuring Twinkies, and Shakira playing with spaghetti.

music video food moments of the year
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Music videos are all about playing with lyrical conceptions, so when there's nothing people love to play with more than their food, crossovers are bound to happen. Sometimes it's as simple as shooting a video in a donut shop or popping Champagne with your friends. Other times it's more complicated, like a series of internet food advertisements depicting your downfall. However the food is used, it's clear that artists and music video directors are particularly fond of letting themselves and others indulge in the name of good music. Here are 20 of this year's most creative, mouthwatering or downright odd food moments in music videos.

Harry Styles, “Kiwi”

Easily this year's most buzzed-about food-inspired music video, the lyrics to the latest single from former One Direction member turned solo rock artist Harry Styles aren't kid-friendly. That didn't stop the singer from delivering a music video starring a bunch of kids though, in all-out baked goods-fuelled food fight no less.

Katy Perry ft. Migos, “Bon Appétit”

It shouldn't be any surprise that Katy Perry has made this list not once but twice. The singer is well known for incorporating food into her music videos, from 2010's frosting-filled "California Gurls" to the more recent and fruity "This Is How We Do." In "Bon Appétit," Perry still features a lot of food, but this time around she's the main course.

Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers, “Santa Fe"

In case you didn't know, comedian Steve Martin has a bluegrass band that released their latest album, The Long-Awaited Album earlier this fall. In their music video for "Santa Fe," the entire band is transformed into Tex-Mex foods as they help tell the story of a long-distance relationship between a sack of french fries and a taco.

Katy Perry, “Chained to the Rhythm”

The official music video for "Chained to the Rhythm" also features food: giant rainbow stalks of cotton candy to be exact. The single's lyric video, however, is a cuter nod to cooking. Watch as two body-less hands kindly prepare a tiny meal for a tiny hamster in a tiny house.

Bully, “Feel the Same”

In this video for Bully's "Feel the Same," it's all about the destruction of food, from eggs and cakes to strawberries and ice cream. The video was created by LAZY MOM, a feminist animation and photography duo whose latest project is appropriately themed around "eating the patriarchy."

Starcrawler, “I Love LA”

Filmed at Los Angeles' famous Mom's Donuts and Chinese Food To-Go, the music video for this debut album single from rockers Starcrawler is less about the magic and seduction of food and more about the soul and dream crushing nature of fast-food work. While not a stage, the setting provides the perfect opportunity for some rocking out while standing on a counter moments.

Marshmello, “Take It Back”

The EDM DJ, known for his frequent collaborations with chart-topping musicians like DJ Khaled and Selena Gomez, made Christmas dinner the focus of his latest video. After bringing home his new girlfriend (to a house full of Marshmello-headed family members), they proceed to enjoy a delicious looking feast featuring three Hostess favorites: Twinkies, Cupcakes and Sno Balls.

Camila Cabello, “Havana”

Starting as a parody of a telenovela, this music video from former Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello sees her as a young teenager, dashing off to the movie theater after an argument with her grandmother over dinner. There she can munch on popcorn and get lost in her big screen fantasies, which happen to feature a lot of drinking and even more dancing.

Shakira, “Me Enamoré”

We know it's hard not to play with your spaghetti and in this video for Shakira's "Me Enamoré," the Colombian singing sensation shows us why. Starting her day off with a dripping ice cube as a wake-up call, Shakira ends it in a playful hotel food fight involving sandwiches and strawberries.

Gorillaz, “Saturnz Barz (Spirit House)”

In true Gorillaz style, this trippy nightmare into a funky house sees each of the animated band members trapped inside a personal room of horrors. That includes one's nightmarish run-in with a seemingly stocked fridge and a talking pizza slice. On the upside, when they all finally do get out, everyone's up for breakfast.

Kendrick Lamar, “Humble”

Watch as Grammy award-winning artist Kendrick Lamar recreates one of the most famous meals in history—The Last Supper—in his video for "Humble," the lead single off his fourth studio album.

Jason Derulo, “Swalla”

Musicians like to make a lot of euphemisms about food, and that's pretty much all Derulo's "Swalla" is. While all the subtle allusions might not be entirely tasteful or clever, you can certainly appreciate all the candy-inspired color-coordination happening in this video. The ice cream truck jingle intro is just the beginning.

Ed Sheeran, “Shape of You”

Another song about bars and drinks, Sheeran's "Shape of You" video doesn't take fans to said bar. Instead, he and his boxing club crush go out for lunch and fall in love over a meal that they probably burn off immediately after because they can't stop boxing.

Post Malone, “Congratulations ft. Quavo”

What would any celebration be without some popped Champagne? This musical tribute to success centers around friends hanging out, having a good time and spraying each other with spurting Champagne.

Halsey, “Bad in Love”

Most of Halsey's videos have a gritty aesthetic and "Bad in Love" is no different. On the run from the authorities, a gruff and disheveled singer finds herself caught in a desert convenience story with three other girls, a lot of soda and a lot of snacks to keep them all company.

Selena Gomez, “Bad Liar”

There's a universe where Selena Gomez is not only alive in the '70s, but is also literally five different people including her very own parents. That universe is "Bad Liar," where you don't just get to see the pop singer talk to herself, but also eat dinner with herself—or at least the parent versions of her.

Charli XCX, "Boys"

The second single from her third studio album, "Boys" is Charli XCX's playful tribute to... you guessed it: boys. Featuring 61 men in total, you can catch familiar faces like Joe Jonas eating pancakes and drinking milk seductively while Tristan Evans and James McVey of the British band The Vamps enjoy some mashed up cake.

Jay-Z, "Moonlight"

This short film meets music video is in part why Jay-Z's 4:44 album has earned this year's largest number of Grammy nominations. Commentary on black representation in media, the video is a parody of Friends, but with known black actors, that uses a running food gag (a glass of fat mistaken as a glass of cider) to replicate the NBC show's signature sense of humor.

Portugal. The Man, "Rich Friends"

In this music video from the group behind the incredibly catchy "Feel It Still," you can watch a nameless rich man's entire existence—from the glam to the gory—through a series of pop-up computer ads. That includes orange juice, baking, and cereal ads all corrupted by drug use.

Foster The People, “Sit Next to Me”

Instagram arguably built its platform off of food pictures, which is why it should come as no surprise that this video—which is just one giant b-roll of Instagram posts—features a section dedicated to food. That includes a singing hamburger.

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