By Ben and Lisa Waters
Updated January 14, 2016
© Sheela Vellkkatel

The things that make L.A. cuisine among the best in the world are the cultural collisions that occur when so many nationalities come together in one sprawling mass. When kids raised by Korean parents grow up around some of the world’s best Jewish pastrami and taco trucks, something new and delicious is bound to happen. Here are the most delicious and interesting intersections of different food cultures Los Angeles has to offer.

Ramen Burrito

Komodo, locations in Venice and Pico

Using tacos and burritos as the delivery vehicles for everything from Singaporean Shrimp to Tater Tots, Komodo has amassed a mini-empire out of delicious mash-ups. The Ramen Burrito is brilliantly constructed so that it doesn’t get soggy while delivering indomie noodles, eggs, steak and scallions. It’s currently only available as a monthly special, but their Bugerrito (you can guess what’s going on there) is a home run of a backup plan.

Snow Affogato

Cafe Maji, Arcadia

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If having a little ice cream with your espresso just doesn’t pack in enough sweet stuff for you, Cafe Maji has the solution. As theatrical as it is delicious, this affogato is topped with a giant beehive of cotton candy that dissolves away as you douse it with your shot of java. Just don’t tell your dentist.

German Fried Rice

Biergarten, Koreatown

At first, the name just sounds… wrong. But then you think about it: German sausage instead of Korean, fermented sauerkraut subbing in for kimchi, gravy instead of… uh, well, no need to think about it that hard. Just sit back, enjoy the deliciousness and order yourself a beer float for dessert.

Mac & Cheese Pizza

Pizzanista, Downtown

This pie seems like it should be a carb-hater’s worst nightmare, but the way the cheese and tomato sauce work together on the thin crust is a dream come true. It’s only available on Sundays, so come ready to stand in line—hipsters don’t do church.


The Original Ramen Burger, Koreatown

Often imitated but never equaled, the Ramen Burger is a mash-up that barely makes sense until you hold it in your hands. Two sculpted buns of ramen noodles surround the patty covered in secret shoyu sauce and somehow the whole mess just works. It’s a window stand, but they’ll bring it to you at adjacent bar Lock & Key if you need a place to sit and contemplate this wonder.

Churro Ice Cream Sandwich

Churro Borough, Los Feliz

By curling their churros into little discs, Churro Borough creates buns for their delectable ice cream. They may be a little on the small side, but with flavors like Spicy Hot Chocolate or Spanish Latte, you may just have to order more than one.

Kalua Pig Monte Cristo Egg Roll

Louie’s of Mar Vista, Mar Vista

Louie’s is the epitome of a neighborhood hidden gem—casual, unassuming, tucked away, and delicious. The item everyone should get is clearly the Kalua Pig Monte Cristo Egg Roll, a deep-fried vessel for 12-hour-roasted pork shoulder that, when dipped in their spicy Bang Bang sauce, will leave you wishing you’d discovered this place sooner.