The 40 Food Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following Right Now

Between the cheese pulls and breakfast bowls, narrowing down the list can be hard. Here are some you can't miss.

Breakfast Bowl
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If you check Instagram as much as we do (which might be more than we care to admit), curating the right feed is very important. Whether you're following Instagram influencers or bakers making lattices almost too impressive to eat (we said almost), it's important to choose accounts that make you happy, and hungry.

But with so many enticing cheese pulls and colorful breakfast bowls out there, figuring out which accounts to follow can be overwhelming. We see it as a Goldilocks test. Does the account post too often that it's annoying or so infrequently that you forget it exists? Is it so aspirational that it makes you kind of hate your life or is it not aesthetically pleasing enough? In order to earn a follow, the account has to be just right.

On top of that, there are new, trendy accounts coming into play all the time. Keeping up with it all can be exhausting. That's where we come in.

We've scoured Instagram for food accounts that pass the test, featuring everything from inspirational plant-based dishes to brilliantly baked sourdough. Here, in no particular order, are 40 food Instagram accounts you should follow right now.

1. Skye McAlpine: @skyemcalpine

Skye McAlpine splits her time between Venice and London, capturing dreamy, overhead tablescapes of sumptuous home cooking in both of her cities. Her first cookbook, A Table in Venice, is coming out this spring.

2. Kimberley Hasselbrink: @kimberleyhasselbrink

A master produce photographer, Kimberley Hasselbrink posts still lifes of fruits and vegetables that we would actually frame.

3. Not Without Salt: @ashrod

With a brand-new video series on outdoor cooking and stunning, simple food shots, Ashley Rodriguez is literally one to watch.

4. Lindsey Silverman Love: @dollyandoatmeal

Blogger Lindsay Silverman Love has just the right balance of greens and waffles, usually showcased atop beautiful, white marble.

5. Mandy Lee: @ladyandpups

Self-proclaimed "angry" food blogger Mandy Lee posts delicious-looking, home-cooked plates with a side of refreshingly blunt commentary.

6. Eva Kosmas Flores : @evakomasflores

This earthy, Pacific Northwest account, sprinkled with beautiful berries and baked goods, may inspire you to pick up and head west.

7. Alison Roman: @alisoneroman

The creator of those cookies (the salted butter chocolate chunk shortbread cookies breaking the Internet these days), Alison Roman—who features dishes from her super popular cookbook, Dining In, and everything else she eats along the way—belongs in your feed.

8. Ashely Alexander: @gatherandfeast

This Melbourne-based food blogger creates the most aesthetically-pleasing ingredient art for her original recipes. Her photos are the epitome of what a stylish Instagram post means these days: colorful but moody, busy but uncluttered, inviting enough that you want to jump into the scene, but artistic enough that you want to sit back and admire.

9. Julia Sherman: @saladforpresident

Julia Sherman lives, breathes and Instagrams salad. She's the creative director at Chop't, the founder of an artful blog of salad recipes and a recent cookbook author. Most importantly, however, she makes us genuinely want to eat salad.

10. Lindsay Maitland Hunt: @lindsaymaitland

Author of recently released cookbook Healthyish, Lindsay Maitland whips up bowls and bites that are healthy, but not too healthy.

11. Sarah Owens: @sarah_c_owens

If you have any bread-baking aspirations, you owe Sarah Owens a follow. Her gorgeous loaves will inspire you to get kneading.

12. Marta Greber: @whatforbreakfast

Artistically documenting the most important meal of the day, Marta Greber posts the breakfasts that will get you out of bed.

13. Dennis the Prescott: @dennistheprescott

Prescott's consistent signature aesthetic combined with his energetic Youtube recipe videos makes this a bold, bright and incredibly appetizing account to follow.

14. Gabriel Cabrera: @artfuldesperado

Speaking of bright and colorful, if this look is your jam, feast your eyes on the feed of Vancouver-based photographer and recipe developer Gabriel Cabrera.

15. Issy Crocker: @issycroker

With stunning outtakes from her food shoots, Issy Croker gives a behind-the-scenes look at the world of culinary photography.

16. Judy Kim:

New York City-based food stylist Judy Kim is the queen of pies, turning out some of the most stunning lattices and crust art we've ever seen.

17. Thalia Ho: @thaliaho

If you could look at close-ups of dessert all day (of course you could), then you'll want to give baking blogger Thalia Ho a follow. Her cookie shots will actually make you melt.

18. Molly Yeh: @mollyyeh

Blogger titan Molly Yeh never goes out of style with her fun, farm life recipes straight from the border of North Dakota and Minnesota.

19. Betty Liu: @bliu07

Showcasing a mix of food photography from her travels and her home kitchen, Betty Liu definitely has dumplings on lock.

20. C.R. Tan: @xlbcr

Food stylist and photographer C.R. Tan makes us want to travel to Singapore to dive right into his picturesque and unique recipes, like pandan cotton cake with fresh strawberries or double-boiled watercress broth.

21. Juliette Steen: @silverspies

If you count carbs and cats among your top interests, then you're going to want Juliette Steen's kittens and toasts in your feed.

22. Giulia Scapaleggia : @julskitchen

There's a little part in all of us that wishes we were living in Tuscany eating pizza, pasta and artichokes every day. To feed that inner desire every day, we can wistfully gaze at Scapaleggia's photos.

23. Hanna P: @blondieandrye

Full-time teacher who slings sourdough on the side, Hannah P. makes some impressive loaves in Raleigh, NC. We love that she puts the baker's percentage in her captions.

24. Sherr Reen L.: @sherreenl

Sher Reen L. has a keen eye for attractive tablescapes and restaurant interiors all over Malaysia, Singapore and more.

25. Minimalist Baker : @minimalistbaker

Minimalist Baker shares clear, straightforward photos of the simple, plant-based recipes she develops for her blog. Each recipe either requires ten ingredients or less, just one bowl or less than 30 minutes to prepare. That impressive feat has earned her one million followers.

26. Food Feels: @food_feels

There are a lot of food-loving travel Instagrammers out there, but Food Feels does it right. With naturally-lit shots of genuine culinary adventures, there's nothing not to like.

27. Half Baked Harvest: @halfbakedharvest

No gimmicks. Tieghan Gerard just makes basic, seasonal food — and it looks really, really good. While we love her chocolate creations, we look to her especially for bowl inspiration. If you can't get enough of her bright, bold recipes, check out her cookbook, which just came out in the fall.

28. Abhishek Dekate: @abhishekdekate

Toronto-dwelling Dekate's jewel-toned photos of restaurant meals, curated lattes and breakfast in bed make us seriously consider the Canadian life.

29. Michelle Gatton: @gattonmichelle

Food stylist Michelle Gatton's intensely energetic photos really pop. We never knew making nut milk with cheesecloth could look so cool.

30. Alison Wu: @alison_wu

Portland wellness blogger Alison Wu makes beautiful, floral dishes that we can't stop looking at. Have you ever seen sweet potatoes look like a piece of art? Now you have.

31. Jake Cohen: @jakecohen

Jake Cohen is undeniably the king of puns. With captions like "the twirl next door" for photos of artistically twirled spaghetti, he keeps us giggling and salivating at the same time.

32. Gille Houston: @gilliehouston

Whether you're looking for lifestyle envy or inspiration for your next meal out, Houston's feed is pretty much all you need.

33. Kimberly Espinel: @thelittleplantation

If you like styled, colorful photos of attractive bowls with food artfully scattered on the table, hit up London food photographer Espinel, who turns out consistently enticing shots.

34. Kate Wood: @katie_clova

Anyone with a sweet tooth needs to give Kate Wood a follow. This Alabama baker and blogger makes the cakes, cookies, muffins, bars, breads and buns of our dreams.

35. Emiko Davies: @emikodavies

Emiko Davies is an Australian cookbook author/Florence-transplant, and her real-life photos are simply delightful. From handmade tortellini to farmers market shots and fresh pastries, her feed is accessibly and dreamy at the same time.

36. Nik Sharma: @abrowntable

San Francisco Chronicle columnist and author of upcoming cookbook Season, Nik Sharma shares recipes inspired by his North Indian and Goan upbringing that scream temptation and show off his wide-ranging culinary know-how.

37. Anisa Sabet: @anisa.sabet

Canberra, Australia-based Sabet takes gorgeous food photos all around, but we especially favor her culinary action shots. From cheese pulls to honey drizzles to milk pours, her photos make us feel like we're part of the action.

38. Maurizio Leo: @maurizio

Software engineer-turned-baker Maurizio Leo posts his swoon-worthy carb creations and we're so glad he does. Living in Albuquerque, NM, he serves up loaves, pancakes, pizzas, canelés that will leave you ogling.

39. Brunch Boys: @brunchboys

Though Brunch Boys is seemingly just one boy, Jeremy Jacobowitz, he does an impressive job of highlighting the best of New York's weekend morning offerings. You'll see everything from mouth-watering fried oyster sandwiches and Chinese noodles to classic pancakes and eggs.

40. Signe Bay: @signebay

Dramatic, romantic food photos are the craft of Copenhagen-based photographer Bay, who truly turns meals into art with grand floral arrangements.

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