The Nightclub & Bar Media Group announced its 2018 winners. 

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Credit: ultramarinfoto / Getty Images

Nothing beats stumbling upon a really great dive bar: Surly bartender, cheap well drinks, a slightly sour smell in the air and stools reserved for the regular locals. It’s the type of place that has a certain loveable charm, and people seek them out whenever they visit a new city. Massive cities like New York City and Los Angeles are known for their dive bars, but smaller towns have them, too—little hole in the wall places that are ripe for discovery. And according to one organization, the best one in the country is in Savannah, Georgia; it's called the Rail Pub.

Every year, the Nightclub & Bar Media Group picks the country’s best places to grab a cocktail or beer—or go dancing. They named the BlackTail, in New York City, the best cocktail bar in the country. The best bartender in the country also comes from New York City: He’s Giuseppe González, of the Suffolk Arms.

Porter Beer Bar in Atlanta is the best bar for beer lovers. If you love to dance, you’ll want to put Love + Propaganda in San Francisco on your bucket list—apparently it’s the best nightclub in the country. If you like to keep things simple, and maybe a little rough around the edges, you’ll want to visit the pick for the best dive bar, Savannah’s very own Rail Pub.

Add these spots to your travel list and see for yourself if they are worthy of such high praise. Of course, if you don’t get the chance to travel to any of these spots, don’t feel like you’re missing out on too much: If all you’re looking for is a cheap drink and an empty stool, you don’t need any list to tell you the world is full of bars that can provide you with just that.