Where to meet up with your current or future soul mate in 10 major cities.

dating spots in the us
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It's Friday night. Quick: where are you going to take your date? If you're like many of us, you have a list of standby restaurants you know will suffice—that you've been to perhaps a few too many times—and a list of untried hotspots you're dying to check out but that you can't be sure will impress you, let alone your date. What's a guy or gal to do? Look at this new list of the best date spots, compiled by OkCupid, and you'll be good to go.

OkCupid teamed up with Foursquare and asked their members to offer up the best date night spots in 12 categories—from no-bro sports bars to well-hidden haunts and even, um, the best places to get it on in the bathroom—in 10 cities in the U.S.

Those cities include New York, Austin, Nashville, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, and Portland. Here's a taste of what earns high praise.

New York

In the dime-saver category, popular burger joint Corner Bistro earned users' recommendations. But if you want to go big or go home—which you should always do in the city that never sleeps, the users suggest Beauty & Essex for a truly Instagrammable restaurant and the prohibition-style Employees Only to get drinks.


You and your plus-one can catch a baseball game, bro-free, at Black Sheep Lodge, users say. (As a bonus, its website claims it also has the best burger in town.) Or grab a bite—before heading home and climbing into bed—at Spider House, a combo café and music venue users say wins the spots-that-get-sex-started category. (We'll leave that category alone, ourselves.)


If you're dating in Nashville, you know listening to live music is just part of the game. That's why users say Exit/In—a dive concert venue with a full bar—is this city's classic local spot to spend a Friday or Saturday night. If you want to visit somewhere less crowded, users say The Patterson House is a well-hidden haunt.


It's summer, so why not enjoy the outdoors at this city's top open-air option, Morgan's Pier? The beer garden may be casual, but its awesome views are sure to impress. Don't have a date? Then users suggest you head to Barcade, a bar offering up several craft beers on tap and vintage video games that will keep you entertained—until you find the love of your life at the Pac Man machine, that is.

Los Angeles

Like New York City diners, Los Angeles daters could probably stand to save a dime on date night. If that's you, head to Delicious Pizza, this city's winner of the dime-saver category and, true to its name, a place to get really good pizza. But if you want to save this date for posterity—and your social media following, check out Instagram-filtered bar winner Seven Grand and take a shot of the (many) taxidermy.


Users say the most classic local spot in Chicago is The Green Door Tavern, and it's easy to see why: the bar is filled to the brim with antiques, and even has a hidden speakeasy somewhere inside. But for the best boozy date spot, they say, you will want to head to the Map Room, which offers more than 100 different bottles of beer.

San Francisco

Do you find your date so attractive you can't wait to go somewhere private for a kiss? Users say Lush Lounge is the best place for, well, bathroom sex in the city—though the ability to simply cuddle by the fireplace might be the more appealing option. Want somewhere private but not that private? Bourbon and Branch is this city's well-hidden haunt, they say.


You have to soak up the summer in this rainy city. To enjoy the city's best open-air options, take your date to Chuck's Hop Shop, which—just as its name suggests—offers up a very long list of craft beers on tap to be enjoyed outdoors. But for the most classic local spot, users suggest The 5 Point Café. Its tagline should tell you all you need to know about this place: "alcoholics serving alcoholic since 1929."


When you want to catch a game with your date, take them to Eastern Standard, users say, where at this no-bro sports bar you can enjoy an elegance you won't find in any ballpark. Or go to Bell In Hand Tavern for a classic local spot.


Get your drink on with your date at Multnomah Whisk{e}y Library, users say, where classic and inventive cocktails are served in what also appears to be a very Instagrammable atmosphere. Or take in the (open-air) view of the historic Mississippi District at Prost!, a beer garden with communal tables and lots of beer.