Biscuit Sandwiches at Colossal Café
| Credit: Courtesy of Colossal Café

Starting your day with a leisurely breakfast is one of life’s great pleasures. Whether it’s a luxurious benedict, simple scrambled eggs with bacon, or a honey drizzled waffle – here are the restaurants with the best breakfasts in Minneapolis.

Al’s Breakfast

By the time you actually get a seat, you may have waited for two hours – that’s how crazy this little breakfast joint in Dinkytown gets on weekend mornings. You’ll see families with young kids, hungry couples and hung-over colleges students all mingling together at Al’s. Serving classic diner-style breakfasts like blueberry pancakes and weekend specials like smoked salmon benedict, you can get just about anything you want here – as long as you can snag one of the 14 seats in the place.

413 14th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Birchwood Café

© Mette Nielsen of MettePix

With a focus on sourcing local, sustainable, organic and fair trade ingredients, Birchwood Café is a neighborhood spot serving up beautiful breakfasts that taste as good as they look. The menu ranges from pork belly steamed buns to the popular savory waffle, and of course satisfying quiches, omelets, scrambles and pancakes. Order at the counter but watch out for the fresh bakery items calling your name from the case, they nearly impossible to resist.

3311 East 25th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Wise Acre Eatery

Sourcing most ingredients from its farm about 50 miles outside of Minneapolis, Wise Acre Eatery has honest and simply delicious food. Treat yourself with a plate of “Back to Bed” French toast with granola, yogurt and maple fruit syrup, or the fried chicken sandwich with bacon, house pickles and a side salad.

5401 Nicollet Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55419

Butter Bakery and Café

From moist coffee cakes to flaky biscuits, quiches to breakfast burritos, breakfast comes in many forms here and the family-owned bakery makes them all from scratch every morning. We recommend the ‘Clint-style’ biscuit sandwich, where a large, buttery biscuit gets stacked high with a fried egg, cheddar cheese, avocado, sprouts and a swipe of garlic mayo. It might be messy, but it’s also one of the best biscuit sandwiches in the city.

3700 Nicollet Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55409

Colossal Café

Now with three locations around the Twin Cities, Colossal Café is a mini-empire of awesome made-from-scratch food. They call their pancakes flappers, and that quirk is more than okay with us – especially when they top those flappers with honey-brown sugar syrup, apples, walnuts and Brie. If you don’t like your flappers served with a traditional fork and knife set up order a sandwich and use them as the bread.

1839 E 42nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55407


Chef and owner Marcos Pinguil wanted to bring a bit of his culture to Minneapolis, so he created Chimborazo – with its bright walls, Ecuadorian textile décor, and delicious Andean/Ecuadorian food. The breakfast menu is loaded with items like buttermilk pancakes, plates of rice, roast pork, beans, eggs and fried yucca, along with llapingachos – fried potato cakes served with a peanut sauce.

2851 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

Black Coffee & Waffle Bar

© Devan Grimsrud

In the Como neighborhood, where college students cross the street without looking and leggings are most definitely considered pants, you’ll find Black Coffee & Waffle Bar. A somewhat dilapidated coffee shop called Muddsuckers rebranded itself in 2014, updating its look, both inside and outside, and revamping the menu to focus on waffles. Crisp and served hot, you can get your waffle savory or sweet.

1500 Como Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414


For a healthy start to your morning, go with Isa’s Breakfast - two poached eggs on a bed of steamed organic spinach, served with a fruit cup and toast. The breakfast burrito is always a solid choice of scrambled egg, gallo pinto, cilantro, guacamole, queso fresco and house smoky salsa swaddled in a warm flour tortilla.

Pro-tip: get in for the early bird specials every weekday morning from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., where you can snag a sweet potato biscuit, with hash browns and sausage gravy, for just $6.50.

3800 Nicollet Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55409

The Kenwood

© Aaron Dahl

With huge windows, plaid wallpaper, and killer huevos rancheros, The Kenwood is a fine dining restaurant doing breakfast and brunch right. Breakfast, running from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., features a limited menu of simple classics like pancakes with black walnut butter, steel cut oatmeal with dried fruit and nuts, and an omelet with cured tomato, spinach, and chevre. Brunch spans the late morning and early afternoon, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., and that’s where you can get your hands on the huevos rancheros with braised pork, potatoes, fried egg and harissa. It’s the best rendition of this dish in the city, but if it’s not your style then try the eggs cocotte with wild mushroom, brioche and gruyere or the ever-popular Kenwood burger with pork belly, gruyere and fried egg.

2115 W 21st St, Minneapolis, MN 55405