YouTube vloggers are stacking layers upon layers of peanut butter, lasagna and so many other foods.

By Danica Lo
Updated May 24, 2017
The Challenge Chomp via

One of the craziest viral video series dominating YouTube right now is the beauty vlogger community's "100 Layers" challenge. Creators all across the platform have, for weeks, been uploading wild videos of themselves applying 100 coats of beauty products—everything from nail polish (the #PolishMountain video currently has more than 15 million views) to foundation (with super-creepy results—this top video has been watched 9 million times) to liquid lipstick (spoiler: it turns into gooey crust—this demo has been watched 13 million times). With this level of unprecedented, runaway success, it was only a matter of time before the 100 layers concept started to seep into other corners of the internet.

This week, food vloggers have started to build 100 layers videos of their own—and the results have been, uh, interesting. From 100-slice American cheese grilled cheese sandwiches to intense applications of fondant to gooey buttercream and peanut butter, there's something for every food obsessive.

100 Layers of Lasagna (Lasagna Mountain) by Nikki Limo

100 Layers of Fondant by Jane Barnard

100 Layer Grilled Cheese Sandwich by The Challenge Chomp

100 Slices of Cheese by MyHarto

100 Layers of Peanut Butter by Kokabuta

100 Layers of Buttercream by pankobunny

100 Layers of Rainbow Mille Crepe Cake by bizarreisland

Free ideas for other things we'd like to see 100 layers of: banoffee pie, any pie, Oreos, Kit Kat wafers, any wafers, turducken, English trifle, pavlova, Neapolitan ice cream, tiramusu, seven-layer dip (15 times over), Taco Bell Gordita shells, Breyer's Viennetta, florentine cookies, Italian rainbow cake, icebox cake...