Credit: © Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

Ben & Jerry’s is no stranger to creating tribute ice cream flavors, from memorializing music royalty to making political statements. However, their cofounder’s new potential flavor idea in favor of fellow Vermonter and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders may just take the (ice cream) cake.

Though not in production, whispers about the new flavor suggested it would be named Bernie’s Yearnings, comprised of mint ice cream with a hard chocolate shell on top. The reasoning goes deeper than just amazing taste: Ben & Jerry’s cofounder Ben Cohen explained to theNew York Daily News that the single disc of chocolate at the top would represent the 90 percent of wealth that has been held by the top 10 percent of Americans over the last decade.

It sounds like it would be a smart idea to present Sanders’s political platform in a way the public can, well, digest. “This is a great ploy to present Senator Sanders' message to those with little interest in the American political process.” says political analyst Rich Rubino.

But as of now, we’re not actually getting our delicious political ice cream. In an official statement regarding the ice cream shared by a representative of Ben & Jerry’s, they said:

Having a senator from our home state of Vermont in the race for president who shares many of our progressive values is so exciting, we can almost taste it! That is, almost. Even though we¹ve seen some creative flavor ideas suggested by our fans, our co-founder Ben Cohen, and even Bernie Sanders himself, we don’t have any plans to launch a flavor. Bernie certainly has a lot of flavor all on his own, but we won¹t be trying to capture that in one of our ice creams. While we’re not afraid to lead with our values and speak out on important issues, and we’re emphatic supporters of voters’ rights and the democratic process, as a company, we don’t support corporations supporting political candidates.