The Hottest Sneakers on the Internet Right Now Were Designed By Ben & Jerry's

The ice cream brand collaborated with Nike SB on the "Chunky Dunky" shoes, which are re-selling for thousands of dollars.

Earlier this week, Ben & Jerry's released a new limited-edition ice cream flavor, which was designed to accompany Steve Carell's new Netflix-only comedy, Space Force. Boots on the Moooo’n — all four o's are intentional — is described as a milk chocolate ice cream with fudgy miniature cows and toffee "meteor clusters" that quietly encircle a sugar cookie dough core.

Ben & Jerry’s x Nike Collaboration | Chunky Ducky Shoes
Ben & Jerry’s

And, in keeping with the theme, the Vermont ice cream makers actually yeeted a pint of Boots on the Moooo’n into space, attaching it to a balloon and sending it almost 110,000 feet above sea level. (No, that's not technically space; the unofficial lower boundary of space is some 30 miles higher, but still.)

Most weeks, that would be the most exciting Ben & Jerry's-adjacent news you'd read, but the Space Force flavor has been slightly overshadowed by the company's first-ever sneaker drop, and the absolutely absurd level of hype that immediately surrounded the shoes. The kicks, called the Chunky Dunky, were made in collaboration with Nike SB and brought some of Ben & Jerry's signature design elements — its familiar shade of sky blue, the cow-print pattern, and a splash of rainbow tie-dye — to a pair of Nike Dunk Lows.

The shoes hit a select number of Nike SB retailers last week, and yesterday they were released through Nike's own SNKRS app, where they basically sold out in less time than it took you to read this sentence. Less than a day later, pairs of Chunky Dunkys have already started hitting the secondary market, and the list prices are, in a word, outrageous.

As of this writing, there have already been 965 sales on StockX, with an average price of $1,578 per pair—a whopping 1,690 percent above the shoes' original $100 retail price. The lowest-priced Chunky Dunky currently available on the site is a pair of Size 10s that are going for $1,705. For a pair that comes in a special edition box that looks like an oversized pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, the average sale price is $3,829. On eBay, the listings also start in the low four-figures, with active auctions that range from $1,205 to $5,000. (There are currently zero bids for the spendiest pair.)

Unsurprisingly, collectors weren't happy with the way the SNKRS drop worked — or didn't work — or with the shoe's ultra-limited quantities. On the r/Sneakers subreddit, one of the pinned posts is called "Ben and Jerry's Dunk RAGE THREAD," which is exactly what it sounds like: people complaining about the rollout, the resale prices, and about Nike and Ben & Jerry's in general. "Haägen Dazs is better," one commenter grumbled. "White chocolate raspberry truffle > all Ben & Jerry's flavors. Still wanted those ****ing dunks tho." Another added that he was "only eating Drumsticks for the next year."

When asked about the eye-watering resale prices, Ben & Jerry's politely sidestepped the question and gave a characteristically sunny answer. "We’ve been churning up this partnership for almost two years now and we’re happy to bring it out when people are looking for some joy," Jay Curley, Ben & Jerry's Global Head of Integrated Marketing told Food & Wine. "This exciting collaboration with Nike SB has a tremendous amount of buzz around the swoosh-dripping Chunky Dunkys. All this in our first foray into footwear.”

So...who wants to try to thread a pair of laces through an empty pint of Boots on the Moooo’n?

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