The limited-batch flavor One Sweet World features coffee caramel ice cream, marshmallow, and salted caramel with chocolate chunks.


Ben & Jerry's introduced its newest flavor today, and this one is aimed at lovers of ice cream and justice alike. Called One Sweet World, the blend of coffee caramel ice cream with swirls of marshmallow, and salted caramel with chocolaty chunks will be used both to satisfy stomachs and support Ben & Jerry's chosen causes.

"From LGBTQ rights and marriage equality, to Occupy Wall Street, Ben & Jerry's has used the power of its business to motivate fans and promote policies that advance the cause of social justice," Ben & Jerry's CEO Jostein Solheim said in a statement. To that end, the company will donate "a portion of the sales" of One Sweet World "to support those working at the intersection of economic and racial justice."

While it's not clear which people or organizations Ben & Jerry's specifically intends to support, the company put out a video earlier this year also titled One Sweet World, which features a cherry and lemon befriending each other as part of a message of "unity & love," which… well really that doesn't give much of a hint, but it's a pretty strange/charming video.

If you're wondering why the One Sweet World's title didn't take its pun a step further, the potential "world/swirled" element was already put to use back in June of this year for a different socially-inspired Ben & Jerry's campaign. Partnering with Tesla Motors and activist organization Avaaz, the company endorsed a petition asking the U.N. to ensure a worldwide transition to green energy by 2050, which it accompanied with a flavor called Save Our Swirled.

Even if its pun potential wasn't quite maxed out, the new Ben & Jerry's flavor seems worth a try. It's a Limited Batch Flavor, though, so search that sweet world around you with the Ben & Jerry's flavor locator and/or order it online before it's gone.