Revisit your childhood camping trips in a pint of ice cream. 
Courtesy of Ben & Jerry's
Credit: Courtesy of Ben & Jerry's

Today, Ben & Jerry’s unveiled its latest limited batch flavor: Gimme S’more. Yes, Ben & Jerry’s already has a s’mores flavor, but this is an all new version of the classic campfire dessert in ice cream form.

The original Ben & Jerry’s S’mores features chocolate fudge ice cream, fudge chunks, and a graham cracker, toasted marshmallow swirl to top it off. Gimme S’more is an even more decadent version: This time, the ice cream is actually toasted marshmallow flavor, joined by chocolate cookie and graham cracker swirls, and fudge flakes to give it an extra kick of chocolate. And we got to try it for ourselves.

Everyone has their favorite aspect of the s’more—personally mine is the toasted marshmallow, which I try to burn a little bit before smushing it between two graham crackers. So when I opened up the container of Ben & Jerry’s Gimme S’more, I hoped that I would get a strong marshmallow flavor from the ice cream. I was not disappointed.

The bits of chocolate cookie have a distinct Oreo flavor, which is not unwelcome, and give the creamy ice cream a satisfying crunchy texture. The flavor is akin to a McDonald’s McFlurry, but not as unbearably sweet; you’ll be able to take more than one bite of Gimme S’mores without wanting to give up.

If you’re a fan of graham cracker, you’ll also love Gimme S’mores. In a traditional s’more dessert, the graham cracker offsets the sweetness of the chocolate and marshmallow with a savory element, and the flavors work in a similar way here. The savory cracker balances out the chocolate cookie and marshmallow of the ice cream.

Fans of cookies and cream ice cream probably be the biggest fans of Gimme S’more, but given that it combines so many classic ice cream components—like crushed up cookies and fudge—that anyone who loves Ben & Jerry’s will love this. You can grab your very own pint here.