Banana and caramel and graham crackers. Yum.

one love bob marley ice cream
Credit: Courtesy of Ben & Jerry's

Don't worry, be happy, because Ben & Jerry's just debuted their newest flavor...and it's a tribute to Bob Marley.

The "One Love" flavor, which references one of his most well-known and beloved songs, contains banana ice cream with caramel and graham cracker swirls and fudge peace signs. Just like the song's empathetic message—"One love, one heart..."—the ice cream is intended to be a "call for global compassion." A portion of the proceeds from each pint will benefit Jamaica’s One Love Youth Camp, which is a youth program run by The Bob Marley Foundation and Partners for Youth Empowerment.

The ice cream already made a name for itself across the pond; it was a huge hit in the U.K. last year. Now, its "mission-driven deliciousness" is here in the United States. According to a press release, the flavor will be publically celebrated on May 22. At the Roxy Theatre in Hollywood, Ziggy Marley, Bob Marley's oldest son and a musician himself, will host a performance by Aaron Nigel Smith and others, followed by an official "listening party" of Bob Marley’s remastered Exodus 40 album. Produced by Ziggy , the album's been reissued for its 40th anniversary.

With all the good vibes and peace signs going on here (not to mention the charitable aspect), it's no surprise that the flavor got a pretty fantastic reception at the Food & Wine office. The caramel mixed beautifully with the graham cracker for a nutty swirl, and the banana ice cream itself was surprisingly subtle—almost like the flavor of banana pudding. We unanimously agreed that the chocolate peace signs might've been better had they been totally incorporated into the ice cream itself; after all, they may be bite size, but they're also frozen and therefore pretty hard to chew.

It's true, though, that nearly everyone lamented the banana flavored ice cream before actually digging in.

"Banana-flavored desserts are vile," offered Digital Reporter Elisabeth Sherman before taking her first bite. Then: "Okay, thumbs up. Thumbs up from a person who thinks banana-flavored desserts are vile."

"I don't like banana-flavored things," added Digital Photo Editor Arielle Cifuentes. "But I like the banana here. Also, the caramel is really good."

That's a solid A rating from our team, then. Get together around a pint and feel all right.