As they say, “There’s always money in the banana stand.”


Fans of the show Arrested Development will instantly recognize the phrase “There’s always money in the banana stand.” In the show, the payoff of the running gag was that the phrase should have been taken literally: The walls were lined with hidden cash. Now, 15 years after that on-screen revelation, Ben & Jerry’s is hoping there might be some figurative money in the banana stand: For a limited time, the ice cream company’s Scoop Shops are selling a new Bluth’s Banana Stand Sundae.

Launched last week at participating Scoop Shops nationwide to coincide with the return of Arrested Development to Netflix on May 29 (that’s season five for the very sparsely released show that first debuted way back in 2003), Bluth’s Banana Stand Sundae features two scoops of ice cream (Ben & Jerry’s recommends either Chunky Monkey, Vanilla, or Chocolate Therapy) served with sliced bananas and covered in hot fudge, peanuts, and whipped cream. Frankly, it’s a pretty simple spin on a banana split, but it’s not like Ben & Jerry’s can’t do simple well.

Meanwhile, since Ben & Jerry’s realizes that for many Arrested Development fans, scoring a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream at a nearby grocery store is easier than traveling to a Scoop Shop, the ice cream brand also shared the sundae’s recipe, so everyone could partake. The trick appears to be the order in which the sundae is prepared. Ben & Jerry’s suggests first cutting one banana in half lengthwise; then, cut one of those lengths in half to create a couple spears before cutting the other length into smaller chunks. Put the chunks in the bottom of your cup and then place your ice cream on top of that. Next, put in your two remaining banana spears in sticking straight up. Finally, top with fudge, nuts and whipped cream. Done.

But for those looking to score one in a Scoop Shop, act fast: They’re only being served until June 17. And just like the show Arrested Development, you never quite know if or when they will ever return.