Credit: © Ben & Jerry's

You saw the title. You know what you’re getting yourself into. Ben & Jerry’s has announced that this coming Monday, they are introducing a new item called the BRRR-ito: an ice cream burrito with a pretty solid pun for a name.

So how to you make an ice cream burrito? You take two scoops of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream—same flavor, different flavors, it’s up to you. Next, drizzle on some fudge sauce and top with some chocolate cookie crumbles. Finish it up by wrapping all that goodness in a soft waffle wrap. Voilà, the dessert burrito you’ve been waiting for.

If that seems like a lot to handle, you’re probably not wrong. In a promotional video showing off the new product, carrying around a BRRR-ito clearly is a two-handed job. But if you’re feeling particularly gluttonous, you can feel free to wash the whole thing down with Ben & Jerry’s other crazy new product announcement: Ben & Jerry’s Beer.

Monday—the BRRR-ito’s big debut date—also happens to be 4/20. Ben & Jerry’s has a long affiliation with hippie culture, so it’s safe to say this choice was intentional.