Get any flavor from Cherry Garcia to Chubby Hubby delivered to your door. 
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free cone day
Credit: © Ben & Jerry's

Although Ben and Jerry’s ice cream has long been available for purchase online – packs of the pints from 4 to 16 are available for purchase on Amazon, and in Manhattan and some other cities it’s available for delivery – the flavor selection has always been limited. Not only that, but if you wanted to order your favorite pint, it would have to do so in bulk if you didn’t live in a city that offers a delivery service.

Ben and Jerry’s wants to make your ice cream eating experience easier, though: Now every single one of their flavors is available for purchase at their online store. That means any pint you're craving, including those in their non-dairy and frozen yogurt lines, as well as their new pint slices, are available to order straight to your door, for $6.99 each (and $7.99 for the non-dairy flavors).

Need help deciding which flavors you have to try first? Ben and Jerry’s recently released their list of top ten best selling flavors (unsurprisingly, Half Baked and Cherry Garcia topped the list). The International Dairy Foods Association recently released a similar list that revealed America’s favorite ice cream flavors. Although vanilla and chocolate obviously came in first and second place, some more adventurous flavors did pop up, including Mint Chocolate Chip (if you want to call that adventurous).

There’s more good news on the ice cream delivery front, if you can believe it: Just yesterday, Baskin-Robbins announced that they’ll start delivering their classic ice cream treats in 22 cities across America, as well as hosting a tasting of their new ice cream pizza on July 14. In honor of their new delivery service, the company will also be delivering the ice cream pizza to children's hospitals.

These new ice cream-centric business ventures will make this sweltering summer even more bearable. The only problem will be deciding whether to order Ben and Jerry’s or Baskin-Robbins. Probably best to try both.