The ‘one-time-only batch’ could make a reprise if fans demand it.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated July 08, 2019
Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Big Freedia has already parlayed a successful music career into other opportunities like a reality TV show, books, and her own rosé. Over the weekend, New Orleans' own Queen of Bounce was able to check off another long-dreamed-of box: her own ice cream flavor.

On Saturday, Ben & Jerry’s Big Freedia’s Bouncin’ Beignets ice cream debuted with a “one-time-only batch” served exclusively as part of the Bounce Up Launch Party. Big Freedia started the charitable organization Bounce Up this year in an effort to “identify and support local programs that directly improve the well-being of children of New Orleans.” For instance, this weekend’s event helped raise awareness for No Kid Hungry, which helps feed children in the city. “This is so exciting for me!” Big Freedia said at the event according to Ben & Jerry’s. “Food is my second love (after music), and to create an ice cream flavor of my own was so much fun.”

This new Bouncin’ Beignets flavor is described by Ben & Jerry’s as “a vanilla ice cream with a bourbon caramel swirl, served with a fresh beignet.” But though Big Freedia’s flavor mixes together two New Orleans’ mainstays, making it happen wasn’t so straightforward. Directly approaching the brand through her publicist apparently didn’t work, so Big Freedia turned to social media to get their attention instead: “My team and I created our own flavor with a mock Ben & Jerry’s pint and posted it on my Instagram,” she explained. “We tagged Ben & Jerry’s, hoping they would see it. They did and the rest is history.”

Credit: Ben & Jerry's

Now, Ben & Jerry’s is taking a similar approach to decide whether Big Freedia’s Bouncin’ Beignets should get a larger release. “We hope so,” Ben & Jerry’s spokesperson Lindsay Bumps told to “We want to encourage our fans and Freedia’s fans to tell us how much they want it (the new flavor) on social media.” Instagram’s already gotten this flavor over one hump; sounds like it might be able to keep bouncin’ along.