But the co-owner says she's currently scouting for a new location.  
decorating cake
Credit: Nazar Abbas Photography / Getty Images

Time to mourn another go-to New York City institution: NY Cake, the bakery supply shop beloved by bakers and pastry chefs, professional and amateur alike, announced that it would be closing its current location on 56 W 22nd St in Manhattan. Luckily, co-owner and co-founder Lisa Mansour, who has has been running NY Cake for more than 30 years, said that she is currently looking for another location to reopen the store. Here's hoping.

As Grub Street reports, the store will have to close in June due to surging rent in the area. A neighborhood blogger originally reported the unfortunate news, after spotting a sign in the window, which read “we’re moving.” However, there are no concrete plans yet for when or where the shop will reopen.

It's an unfortunate trend. In 2016, 40-year-old kitchen supply store Broadway Panhandler—which, the New York Times reportedwas a favorite of James Spader, Daniel Craig, and Uma Thurman. Owner Norman Kornbleuth tried to sell the business with no success, and his children decided to not take over the store after their parents’ retirement. With the closure of NY Cake, the number of local, family-owned kitchenware stores is shrinking.

On the bright side, one of the best loved family-owned markets in Brooklyn, Sahadi’s, recently announced that it would be expanding. The Middle Eastern grocery store—which sells hummus, cheese, dried fruit, nuts, grape leaves, pastries and other regional ingredients— has been a staple in the borough for around 70 years. The grocery store has become such an important part of New York, that it won the James Beard Classic award in 2017.

Now more than ever, online shopping and grocery delivery have become so ubiquitous that it’s easy to overlook how important a locally owned business can be. Here’s hoping NY Cake finds a new location as soon as possible.