By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 16, 2014
Credit: © Martin Siepmann / Westend61 / Corbis

Are you so hungry you could eat a horse? One online retailer sure hopes so, having recently introduced a jerky-like snack made of cured horse meat to the UK market., which also sells zebra medallions and llama burgers, is offering a snack called A Bag of Horse (we kid you not), which is biltong made from Belgian horse meat. The company proclaims the food to be a protein-packed snack that is leaner than the typical beef variety. According to the Daily Mail, a spokesman for Muscle Food stated, “Customers are being urged to reach for a bag of horse rather than a packet of [potato chips], due to its excellent nutritional and health benefits.”

This news comes less than two years after Britons were outraged upon finding that many foods advertised as beef were secretly adulterated with horse meat—forcing recalls and even legal action. Though mislabeling food is clearly unethical, the story’s prominence also renewed discussion on the ethics of eating horse meat in general. Muscle Food’s Darren Beale, went on the record stating, “I would even go as far as saying it is now acceptable and has lost its stigma.”

Saying eating horses has lost its stigma seems like a bit of a stretch. But at the very least, being upfront about the desire to market horse meat seems like a good first step. They might want to reconsider their branding though: A Bag of Horse is a bit on the nose.