Courtesy of Sarah Dorio

Belcampo Meat Co. hosts butchery and grilling retreats all summer long.

Clara Olshansky
June 14, 2017

Okay, so technically this camp doesn't have anything to do with the release of Wonder Woman, but, much like Themyscira, the all-female session of Meat Camp is a paradise of kickass women. At Belcampo Meat Company's weekend retreat, participants stay in luxury tents and spend their days learning how to butcher and grill.

There are actually five sessions of Meat Camp per year, and only one of them is ladies-only. According to Business Insider, Belcampo CEO Anya Fernald founded the women's session to help combat the idea that grilling is just a "man's job."

This year's Women's Meat Camp is sold out, although there are still spots available at Meat Camp: Family Edition, for parents who want to learn about meat while their children get a chance to work with and learn about real life farm animals. You can also sign up for the all-inclusive camp in September, or wait until next year's women's session comes around.

The meat camp, which takes place at the Belcampo's ranch in Gazelle, CA near the Oregon border, is just one service that the company offers. They also have shops throughout California and a lodge in Belize, they hold a street fair, they do corporate retreats, weddings, and so much more. It's the opposite of the usual kind of small, local thinking behind a lot of similar artisanal food companies. As Fernald previously told us, "Some people—I call them 'brokavores'—are so local, they're broke. My point is that to change our food system, small isn't sustainable. I'm not interested in doing small, perfect things. I'm more interested in bigger, more aggressive, more noticeable things."

If you're something of a brokavore yourself, and you can't shell the $1000+ to spend three days at a meat camp, you can always check out Fernald's tips for open-fire grilling or watch the School of Meat videos on Belcampo's site.