By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 28, 2015
© SuperStock / Corbis

Pizza isn’t just hot and delicious. It also might provide insights to the inner workings of your brain!

The fine people over at Redbook spoke to Patti Wood, a body language and human behavior expert, with a simple question: What does the way people eat pizza say about their personality? Wood says she buys into the DiSC method of behavior assessment, which breaks personalities down into four groups, and apparently these four groups can also fit certain pie-eating attributes. Here are some of the suggestions Wood came back with:

Like to fold your pizza? You’re probably eating in a hurry, which makes you more of a “driver”—someone who likes to get things done the most efficient way possible—even if it doesn’t look pretty. Prefer using a knife and fork? This means you’re methodical and likely a “supporter”—someone who is steady and humble. Eat the crust first? That means you’re an “influencer”—the optimistic type to who wants to say they were the first to try something new. Or do you just bite into a slice from the tip? This could make you a“careful corrector” – the kind of person who approaches things objectively and prefers not to be wrong.

Of course, different times, places and slices call for different measures. Woods admits, “Not everyone is just a driver or just an influencer… It's a combination of personality traits, so you could identify as a driver in some things you do, and an influencer in others. Usually, though, there tends to be one that comes to the forefront just a bit more.”

Or maybe you just think this whole “how you eat pizza” assessment is a bunch of BS. If so, I would describe you as a “skeptic.” Let’s go eat a deli sandwich together.