Deutsche Bank released its annual data on beer prices in 48 major cities.


Anytime you travel, it’s always important to consider how expensive things might be in your destination. One way to determine relative prices is to pick a common item and see how much it costs in different locales. For instance, The Economist has its Big Mac Index, tracking the price of two all-beef patties (etc., etc.) around the globe. Bloomberg has an annual Sushinomics Index, which looks at the price of sushi rolls in major American cities. But Deutsche Bank knows what you really care about when you travel—beer—and so every year, the financial giant offers up its data on where a pint of beer is the most and least expensive in nearly 50 major cities, allowing globetrotting lushes to set their travel plans accordingly.

Last year, Oslo, Norway took the top spot with the average cost of a pint in U.S. dollars clocking in at $9.90. This year, the price of a beer ticked up an additional 40 cents in Oslo, landing at $10.30, but the Norwegian capital dropped to second on the list thanks to the inclusion of a new city—Dubai in the United Arab Emirates—where a single beer will cost you a shocking $12. Hong Kong and Singapore came in third and fourth on this year’s list (similar to where they were last year) with average beer prices of $8.90 and $8.30 respectively. Zurich, Switzerland rounded out the top five with beers costing $7.70.

Looking strictly at U.S. cities, New York is still America’s most expensive place for sucking down suds, with Deutsche Bank suggesting you’re going to pay about $7.70 per pint on average, up 30 cents from last year. Meanwhile, San Francisco jumped up to America’s second most expensive beer city on the list with brews now going for $7.40, a significant increase from last year’s $6.20. But that created some good news for Boston: The city dropped from second to third on the back of a beer price decline. This year, Red Sox fans are paying just $6.70 per pint as opposed to last year’s $7.20—or a whole half-buck less. The only other U.S. city on the list is Chicago with its relatively cheap $5.90 pints.

However, if you really want a bargain, only two cities average pints at under two bucks. Manila, Philippines ranked cheapest in the world at $1.50, and Prague, Czech Republic came in second cheapest with pints costing just $1.60. A little closer to home, Mexico City was ranked as the fourth cheapest major city in the world with pints costing a mere $2.40. Road trip?

You can see the full list of 48 cities over at Business Insider.