Stone Brewing made a spreadable version of its popular Tangerine Express IPA.

By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated May 21, 2018
Kristy Walker Photography

As the medical community has teased apart the difference between good and bad fats, nut butters have garnered a growing health halo as a tasty, protein-packed snack. Recently, Greg Koch, one of the co-founders of California’s Stone Brewing, took an interest in the nut butter biz, cofounding a nut butter brand of his own, and the fruits of his two labors have created the beery nut butter of an IPA lover’s dreams: Nutista Stone Tangerine Express IPA Nutbutter.

First launched last year, Nutista was created by Tristen Cross, John Huber and Stone’s Koch as a way to “look at nutbutter with a craft brewer mentality,” as Koch explains it. Though the brand has a core lineup of three different nut butter blends, sometimes that “craft brewer” approach is literal, as is the case with Nutista’s newest Tangerine Express IPA Nutbutter which actually incorporates ingredients from the brewing process into the final product. This IPA nut butter is made not only with stone-ground blanched almonds and dry roasted peanuts, but also golden light dry malt, brewer’s yeast, and tangerine and pineapple, two fruits included in Stone Tangerine Express IPA.

Kristy Walker Photography

The result is a spreadable nut/beer mix billed as “evocative of a marmalade & nut butter blend” that offers the flavors of “bright tangerine and pineapple backed by pale malts, decadent nut butter, and a hint of brewing yeast.”

“Our goal,” Cross said, “is to make nut butter much more accessible, fun, and delicious. So we make innovative, nutritious flavors that have culinary flair and are super clean … made without any unhealthy ingredients.”

Nutista Stone Tangerine Express IPA is available on both the Nutista and the Stone website at $12 a pop for an 8-ounce jar, as well as at all Stone Company Stores and a handful of specialty grocery stores in Southern California. It’s Nutista’s second collaboration with Stone (sharing a co-founder helps make that possible): Back in March, the two brands unleashed their first collaborative product, Nutista Stone Totalitarian Imperial Russian Stout nut butter, which is also still available for those who prefer their beers, and their nut butters, dark.