Imagine NES’s ‘Track & Field’ with a beery twist.

Credit: cbies/Getty Images

From Flappy Bird to QWOP, crappy mobile games have become a genre unto themselves: Free apps are meant to be timewasters first and masterpieces second. Granted, the new mobile app Beer Mile: All-Stars 2018 isn’t anywhere near as frustrating as those two legendary exercises, but the game is perfectly far from perfect in its own beer-soaked way.

The beer mile—where contestants are required to chug a regulation beer (yes, a list of regulation beers does exist) before every quarter of a full mile—has skyrocketed in popularity and reputability in recent years. How seriously do people take it? Earlier this month, beer mile heavyweight Cory Bellemore believed he had set a new world-record time of—prepare yourself—4 minutes and 24 seconds only to be disqualified because, in his haste, he left about a half-ounce too much beer behind.

Needless to say, now is a perfect time to cash in on that interest with a beer mile mobile game, but how do you recreate the intricacies of pounding beers while running? For designer Hunter Andrin, with his recently released game Beer Mile: All-Stars 2018, he decided to focus on the activity’s frustrating aspects. “I wanted to try and make it difficult,” Andrin told Runner’s World. “I’m a fan of the old-school, tough-as-nails kind of game so I guess that’s what inspired it.”

Indeed, Beer Mile’s running mechanic is reminiscent of the seminal Nintendo game Track & Field, requiring players to toggle between two buttons to get their runner moving. The game also adds a rub-your-tummy-and-pat-your-head element as players need to regularly use a meter bar to burp while running to avoid vomiting. Oh yeah, and the game includes plenty of vomiting, which is exactly what any fun beer mile game needs. In the end, the simple game requires players to juggle a few different tasks, which is essentially the heart of what the beer mile is—but, much like the beer mile, it doesn’t try to take itself too seriously.

Overall, the app—which is available for both iPhones and Android—won’t change your life, but it might leave you attempting to top your fastest time every now and then. Meanwhile, the coolest part might be that it’s made by actual beer milers. Apparently, Andrin lives in a house with former beer mile world record-holder Lewis Kent and beer mile world championship finalist Phil Parrot-Migas, as well as two other runners Kevin Blackney, who pushed the idea, and Triphon Moodie, who created the music. “If anyone was going to make this thing, it had to be us,” Andrin told Runner’s World. “We have all the beer milers in our house and a software engineer. Everything was there.”