This 3D printer turns any pint into a work of art.
Ripples Beer Art
Credit: Courtesy of Ripples

Even if you think high-tech latte foam printers ruin the craftsmanship of latte art, you have to admit the results are pretty cool. Now, the company behind Coffee Ripples—a programmable machine that can print any image onto latte foam—has created a nearly identical device for beer. Cheers (with your photo on top)!

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, the Maryland-based Ripples has unveiled Beer Ripples, a new device that uses 3D-printing technology to add “beautiful, high-resolution images” to beer foam “in seconds” using an edible malt-based ink, according to its website. Just like with its Coffee Ripples, not only can users choose from the brand’s existing library of images, they can also use the free Ripples app to submit any image from their phones to be printed on the top of their pint as well. This new device will surely prompt beer lovers to utter something they don’t often say: pour that beer with plenty of head.

“We are excited to unveil Beer Ripples and bring the same personalization to beers as we have over the past two years with coffee customers,” the company’s CEO, Yossi Meshulam, said in a statement. “We have already served millions of Ripples with customers such as Hilton, Lavazza, Four Seasons, and restaurants and coffee shops around the world. Now, venues serving beer, from pubs and clubs to hotels and sporting venues, can take advantage of the opportunities for engagement, loyalty, and emotional connection that Ripples provides.”

Unfortunately for those already planning to feature Beer Ripples at their next kegger, the system is intended for commercial purposes, not for home use. And though it’s small in size—less than a foot wide—it’s not cheap: the machine sells for $3,000, and requires an additional $1,500 annual subscription fee on top of that.

Still, for bars looking to stand out in an Instagrammable world, a few grand would seem like a small price to pay to be an early adopter of this buzzworthy technology. Though, speaking of buzzes, you’re probably better off not using the Beer Ripple after too many drinks. The embarrassing possibilities are as endless as your tipsy imagination!

A Ripples spokesperson said the first companies that have purchased Beer Ripples should have the machines up and running in a few weeks.