April 16 is Record Store Day. Here's a beer to celebrate it. 

By F&W Editors
Updated May 24, 2017
© Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

This year marks the ninth annual celebration of Record Store Day, that venerable holiday invented nearly a decade ago to support independent record stores across the country. We're as dubious as anyone else about invented holidays, but record stores are great! And in this digital age, they really do need our support. So we officially approve of at least this one semi-fake holiday.

There are many ways to honor Record Store Day. The most obvious one is to locate your local record store and invest in a bunch of excellent vinyl. (Stevie Nicks is always a good place to start, for those of you who are newly building up your collection.) A lot of record stores also sell exclusive releases and have special performances on the day, which is a great incentive to actually remember to go lend your support.

Another great way to celebrate the holiday is: Beer. Specifically, Dogfish Head's Beer to Drink Music To, a Belgian-style golden orange brew that also happens to be the Official Beer of Record Store Day. Appropriately, the beer uses ingredients that are inspired by four songs: Orange Crush by REM, Sgt. Pepper by The Beatles, Sugar On My Tongue by Talking Heads, and Mock Song by Phish. (The ingredients are orange peel, peppercorns, candi sugar, and cardamom.)

"The enjoyment of a beautiful beer with an amazing album at the same time is an exponentially awesome experience,” Dogfish Head founder and president Sam Calagione said in a press statement. “This beer is purposely built for this ideal.”

Check out Dogfish Head's community page for more information, and learn more about Record Store Day here.