The biggest celebration of collaboration beer will be back this coming March.
Credit: dor-riss/Getty Images

Once a rarity in the brewing world, collaborations beers have become delightfully commonplace. For the first time ever this year, the Great American Beer Festival even gave an award for collaboration beers. But though the simple idea of a collaboration beer is no longer enough to stand out from the crowd, the benefits of these collaborations are still plentiful. Like giving another rapper a few bars on your track, they’re a great way to cross-promote and let brewers spread love to some of their favorite peers. Speaking of which, many brewers simply enjoy the social aspect of hanging out at each other’s breweries and downing a few drinks (often while one side does all the work). And of course, practical advantages exist as well: allowing for the sharing of ideas, techniques, and experimentation.

If you’re sold on the idea of collaboration, Denver’s Collaboration Fest is the event for you. Now heading into its sixth year, the annual festival was conceived as a way to honor the spirit of collaboration by pairing breweries from around the county and having them brew unique beers that are usually exclusive to the event. Last year’s fest, the biggest yet, featured over 200 breweries from 42 states and six countries working together to brew over 120 beers.

“There is no place else you can try 100-plus collaboration beers tapped at the same time in one day,” explained Steve Kurowski of the Colorado Brewers Guild, who co-created the festival with event organizer Two Parts. “There is no other beer festival like this in the world. These beers often go on to be entered into competitions, are poured at Great American Beer Fest and continue to provide the beer craft enthusiast with a new unique product.”

Just announced, the next Collaboration Fest is scheduled to be held on Saturday, March 16, 2019, at the Hyatt Regency Denver, and as an added bonus, it will also serve as the kickoff for Colorado Craft Beer Week which will run until March 24. Tickets for Collaboration Fest are slated to go on sale next month through the event’s official website. Consider it two notes worth putting in your calendar.