Credit: © Rodrusoleg / Juanmonino / Getty Images

The holiday season feels like it just ended, and already, don’t look now, we are only a month from Valentine’s Day. Yup, just 32 days until your next gift giving occasion. But though you might not have a Valentine’s gift lined up for your loved ones, you definitely know what to get your loved bros… “Broquets” – the bouquets made out of beef jerky.

The company Say It With Beef launched in September of last year with one singular vision: “Flowers Are Lame. Say It With Beef Instead.” For the un-bro-nitiated, that means “bouquets” of “roses” or “daisies” made entirely out of over a half pound of 100% beef jerky and, in lieu of a vase, delivered in a branded pint glass or mug. Customers can also choose from different flavors: original, peppered, teriyaki or mixed. The whole thing ain’t cheap: $35 per arrangement, but compared to flowers it's a steal. Plus you can eat it.

Though Broquets might be an easily mock-worthy concept, according to Say It With Beef’s “About” page, the idea came from a truly genuine place:

If that story was any sweeter, it might not be considered bro-y, but it is actually so saccharine that it’s like the most bro’d out thing I have ever heard! Honestly, I’ve never tried a “broquet,” and apparently I am not bro-y enough to have ever had one sent to me, so I can’t vouch for their taste, but if that story is true, I sure as hell will vouch for their brotastic credentials!