The Cows Come Home
Piedmontese cattle produce protein-rich meat with less than half the fat of standard beef. Now they're being raised in this country. Chef Celestino Drago, who serves the beef at Celestino in Los Angeles, says he hasn't been this excited about a new product in 10 years ($15 per pound; 877-581-1167).

The Naked Truth
Jamie Oliver, a 25-year-old Brit with rock-and-roll hair and the provocative nickname "the Naked Chef" (referring, of course, to his unadorned food), hits the United States this month with a cookbook ($35; Hyperion) and a show on the Food Network (check local listings).

Space Odyssey
Cooking Spaces, by Helen Thompson, is a tour of great home kitchens. But it's not only about the aesthetics of the room: Jacques Pépin and other celebrity chefs talk about finding the design that's right for the way you cook and live ($35; Rockport Publishers).

Upon publication in 1975, The Cooks' Catalogue instantly became the guide to buying kitchen equipment. But a lot has changed in the past 25 years, so nearly everything in Burt Wolf's revised edition is new: reviews, recipes and especially products--more than 1,000 of them ($35; Knopf).

Dream Tagine
Yzza, a new tableware maker, has already cornered the market on Moroccan modernism. Its ceramics by Paris-based designer Pierre de Gastines update tradition with a large tagine ($110) and smaller versions for salt and pepper ($25 for two; 305-571-9992).

Coffee King
Technology and caffeine meet in Miele's built-in coffee system. It lets you adjust every detail, from temperature to grind, and gives instructions in seven languages ($1,795; 800-463-0260).

By Monica F. Forrestall