New York is Getting a Shop Dedicated Entirely to Cream Cheese

Becky's Bites will open in the East Village this summer.

becky's bites cream cheese
Photo: Courtesy of Ebbe Sweet Photography

Specialty food shops are becoming a bit of a, well, New York City specialty lately. There's one that is dedicated solely to edible cookie dough, and another that creates dishes out of avocado alone. Soon, we'll be getting one more: Becky's Bites, a shop that uses cream cheese in all of its treats, will open in the East Village this summer.

According to the website, the shop will serve bagels, parfaits, cookie sandwiches, and tarts, that all highlight the signature ingredient, cream cheese, in some way, along with coffee to wash it down, of course. Based on the few pictures on the shop's website, it looks like many of her desserts come in mini-sizes, perfect for snacking. The cream cheese itself is handcrafted in New York State's Hudson Valley.

According to Time Out New York, the company, founded by Becky Rosenthal, is catering-focused, but it you'll still be able to stop by the storefront to pick up individual snacks. And if you're looking for traditional cream cheese spreads, this isn't the shop for you. Instead, you'll find spreads on the sweeter side, like apple pie, cappuccino and cookies-and-cream, and an especially delicious-sounding savory option called "bacon, egg and cream cheese."

One of her signature treats will be the "Beckaroos," vanilla funfetti cream cheese dip served with Teddy Grahams (a throw back to the Dunkaroos from childhood).

"We want to reclaim cream cheese as a New York staple food item," Rosenthal told Gothamist. "You have bagels and you have New York cheesecake, but we're making the push that cream cheese is that secret ingredient that's always been there but has never been thought of this way."

It seems Rosenthal is hoping to make cream cheese the ultimate dessert item we didn't know we needed. Sounds like a vision we can get behind.

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