Credit: © Josh Scherer

Sometimes two things combine to make a food mash-up that is more than their culinary pieces: like the Cronut, for instance, which took merely enjoyable croissants and doughnuts and spun them together into an edible phenomenon. But sometimes playing God with food can be purely diabolical. Case in point: the ramnut.

Josh Scherer, of the blog Culinary Bro-down, says he made the “ramnut”—a doughnut made from ramen noodles—“so that you don’t have to.” That was nice of him, because we definitely weren’t going to.

The recipe, which is on his site, includes six packs of instant ramen, eggs, horchata and, to add that finishing flair, “various frostings, fillings and toppings.” It’s surprisingly simple. Not like Cup o’ Noodles in the microwave simple, but it is the kind of crazy dessert anyone could whip up.

The real question though is, do ramen doughnuts taste good? Scherer answers that, “They’re starchy, they’re crispy, they’re covered in frosting and stuffed with custard…. I enjoyed them in my mouth, I enjoyed them a lot [but] I urge you to make them yourself and figure it out.”

All right, Scherer, we’ll think about it.